Dr. Arvind Sahu, PhD

 Arvind Sahu obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Delhi and did his post-doctoral training in the field of complement biology in the laboratories of Prof. Michael Pangburn (Univ. of Texas, Tyler) and Prof. John Lambris (Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia). His research at NCCS primarily focuses on understanding virus-complement interactions. His laboratory was one of the first to identify and characterize viral RCA proteins responsible for complement evasion.

Dr Sahu is a recipient of Wellcome Trust Overseas Senior Fellowship in Biomedical Science in India (2001-2006) and J C Bose National Fellowship (2020). He was elected Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad (2009), Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, India (2016) and Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru (2019).


The complement system is an essential effector system of innate immunity. Although classically it is known for its direct action on pathogens, it is also critically involved in boosting the pathogen-specific adaptive immune responses as well as other processes such as cell differentiation and polarization, tissue regeneration, lipid metabolism, and removal of immune complexes and apoptotic cells. Complement activation and its cross-talk networks will be discussed during the talk.