Himanshu Kumar, PhD

Dr. Kumar obtained his Bachelor and Master degree from Lucknow University. He obtained MEXT fellowship for pursuing Ph.D. He finished his Ph.D. from Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University, Japan in 2008 and awarded as Excellent Ph.D. Student of Medical School.  He obtained prestigious JSPS Post-doctoral fellowship of Japan for two years, after which he moved to IISER Bhopal in 2010 as an independent PI with the position of Assistant Professor. Dr. Kumar is a recipient of the Ramanujan National Fellowship of the DST in 2010. He is also Adjunct Associate Professor of Immunology Frontier Research Center, a top Immunology Institution in the world. Last year, he appointed as “Editor-in-Chief” of “International Reviews of Immunology.” This year, he was also selected as member of National Academy of Sciences, India. For details about his group, please click here.

He is working in Innate Immunobiology. His major focus is transcriptional and translational level regulation of antiviral innate immune responses during Flu or another virus infection.


Talk Title: Innate components of Immune-system

The selection pressure of evolutionary dynamic microbial pathogen shapes the host genome to express an array of sensors to sense pathogen in various cellular compartments. The surveillance of these pathogens is initiated through the sensing of microbes by sensors known as Pattern-recognition receptors (PRRs), which induce anti-microbial innate immune factors through cascade of signaling consist of adaptors, kinase, and transcription factors. These responses eliminate pathogens and/or establish advanced microbe-specific immune responses known as adaptive immunity. The talk will introduce the various family of PRRs and focus on PRR-virus interaction. Towards the end of the talk, innate immune potential of some miRNA during virus infection and viral evasion strategies to the miRNA-mediated defense will be also discussed.