Nien-Jung Chen, PhD

Nien-Jung has been Scientific associate in The Campbell family Institute for Breast Cancer Research, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada. He joined as Assistant Professor in the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, National Yang-Ming University in 20027 and became Associate Professor in 2014. He is currently Chief of Project Management Section, Office of Research and Development, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan. His main research interests are mechanisms of inflammation and chronic kidney disease. He has been awarded with Award of Excellence in Teaching by the National Ying-MangUniversity. He has published in peer-reviewed journals of repute


The novel regulating roles of TREMs in inflammation of autoimmune and UUO nephritis

The TREM family is involved in the pathogenesis of many inflammatory diseases, and we investigated the regulation by TREMs bycomparing the pathogenesis of UUO in WT and KO mice, we revealed that TREM-1 plays a pro-inflammatory role by promoting the M1 macrophage polarization, subsequently mediates the tissue damage. In comparison, losing TREM-2 exacerbates the nephritis due to an enhancement of neutrophils infiltration in affected kidneys. TREM2contributes to the induction of NO in DC, which modulates the function of RORgt (nitrosylation of RORgt)and depresses the Th17, subsequently downregulates the infiltration of neutrophils in the inflamed kidneys upon UUO.

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